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Here is a post which I posted in Face Book.

The Joy of the Lord is my strength. Says Nehemiah the prophet v 8:10 That was a slogan/scripture on the back of my racing singlet, long retired, like myself.

Think it not a coincidence that I found a local body of believers at Joy Community Church in the city.

Paul writes to the church in Philippi 3:13,14 about the race.

" I'm still not where I should be but I'm bringing all my energies to run the race, in one way, forgetting the past and Looking Forward (2023) looking forward to the end of the race and receive the goal which God trained us for, because of what Jesus did for us. (vs 15)

God will set up a training plan for you (16 ) if you fully obey the Truth he's given you.

So that is the plan for 2023 looking forward with Joyful anticipation, not in the rear-view mirror of the past, which was pretty rough right?

So that's the plan, says coach.

So, I'm going to the annual (many years I've toed the line here), New Year Run, in Mendon. (help not run)

See ya, have a blessed day.

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