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A Runner's High

Above is Dad when I took him to Watkins Glen, when I treated him to a spin (Two) around the track, letting my little MGB loose on the track. Afterwards he remarks "where did you learn to drive like that? I replied, you of course." He was a member of SCCA back in 50's and 60's and there was always a vintage car in the driveway. I learned to drive in a TR 3. I loved to drive stick shift. This particular MG was the pace car for one of my races, The Rochester Marathon, Watkins Glen was the thrill of both of our lives. Another story that made the book.

A Book.... I pass the time now reading now that my writing has slowed, not stopped.

Today I finished a book by Dean Karnazes titled A Runner's High, My Life in Motion. He describes his last 2006 Western States 100 Ultramarathon. and many other of his race victories at WS 100 (11 in under 24hrs.) and Leadville 100, and Badwater 135 not mention running 350 miles in 80 hours without sleep in 2005. Ultra runners are truly a crazy bunch. I do believe I am in this club as a 100 mi. Buckle Holder at Old Dominion Va. in 1984.

Old Domionion 100 (OD) is one of the oldest 100 mile trail races on East coast and patterned after the grand dad (1970's) Western States 100, the world's oldest, and this country's most famous and most sought-after trail ultras, run in the Sierra Nevada Mountains out west for runners and (horse) riders. In 1984 when I ran OD with horses and finished under 24 hrs with one of my prized possessions, a silver buckle.

It was DeJa'Vu reading this book describing in detail what he was going through with all the hi's and low's of running in the wilderness, all the hills and heat of the southwest, and the preparation and execution to finish on his feet. I was a young man running crazy 30-40 years ago. Many of the details have eluded me. I recount a few in my book.

Today, Ultra running has become more popular than when I started. More races, more participants and more acceptance in our running communities. Still, 100 miles is 100 miles and no cake walk.

I was addicted to this "Runner's High"..... Thank you Dean for this remembrance.

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