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Another Story, but it didn't make the book.

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

I was thinking about some of the running mishaps I've experienced after reading a book by Dana Ayers, Confessions of an Unlikely Runner. Read it, it was very entertaining. A NY Times #1 Best seller and I agree. I'm a Kindle reader so I can pack a lot into my small tablet and carry easily around a huge library in my purse (Yes, I carry a purse). Might be my Kindle or a copy of my book to some curious by-stander who asks.

Some of my mis-steps involve trips and falls. Roots or sidewalk cracks (I'm a foot dragger sometimes tripped me, once on a speed bump in the Phoenix Rock n Roll Marathon) or trail running on a 24 hr 100 miler. The older I get, the less I properly pick up my feet. That's (one) reason I walk with a cane.... some of you know my story.

Karen, one of my Kodak running friends, and I were doing a noon workout lunch run couple blocks from the big K. She was a good runner and easily kept pace with me. All of a sudden, I was down. Face plant on concrete. I plastic newspaper tie wrapped itself around my ankles. I was a bloody mess when Karen and I ran back to Kodak Medical to get me patched up before returning to work. At work, they were used to me doing crazy runner things, because that's what runners do.

Often my noon runs took me across the Genesee River to Seneca Park to run the trails or pavement around the pond for a 5 or 6 miler. In the heat of summer or the snow in winter many of us Kodak'ers ran here daily, being that it was only a mile or less from work. One time, as a friend reminded me of this, I was on my regular noon workout, and like out of nowhere I felt myself getting dizzy and I passed out. Boom! No idea why. One of the Dackers found me and righted me.

It was a weird feeling which happened a couple of other times, one my way running home on one of my ultra-training triple work out days, running to and from work as well as my noon runs. Boom, down on the sidewalk as some friendly Irondequoit worker saw me fall and took my crazy self home to mommy and the kids. Yes, I know a bit excessive, but that's what Ultras do to you.

Another embarrassment, was one on a Kodak business trip to Florida, as it was a laser lecture at the Disney complex (I was the Kodak Corporate Laser Officer) and did have to do this hard duty stuff on occasion. I had Donna and our daughter meet me there to spend a few days at the Park when the conference was done. When I did some travels like this I would always bring running gear. After day 1 I got my running stuff on at the hotel I was staying. Most of the time I did these trips Solo.

The hotel was one block from the huge Disney complex. This afforded me many miles to get in a mini-Disney tour. It was summer and quite hot, but us northerners are tough, no sweat. Haha. I do remember running on the side of the road, getting dizzy again, and boom, I'm down again, in culvert ditch in the mud. I next thing I remember is medical ambulance personnel lifting me to my feet, asking me all these questions. What's your name? where you from? Can you tell me anything? Well, experienced runner me, with no ID on me, whaaat, u crazy? It was the weirdest feeling not to be able to answer any of those questions. I couldn't tell them where I was, who I was, or how I got there. They must have thought I was some type of alien. Maybe I am. So off again to get medical help.

I was diagnosed as some type of glucose imbalance, and an IV was provided and gradually I started to regain memory. That was real scarry for me.

Good news Donna and Ashley were due there the next day to rescue me.

I have others, maybe for another time. Like the terrible year I finished Boston #19 and ended in heart attack at the finish. Boston General with Stent # ??

I remember being loaded on the stretcher and having to puke from the Nitro. They tipped the stretcher on it's side so I could vomit and all I could think of was the spectators thinking "Wow, this running thing looks fun and healthy!!! " I was off to run another day. And run I did.

End of today's story

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