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High Places Ch 20

Updated: Mar 22

Today I feel like writing.

After reading a Bible story in Mark about Jesus taking the three, Peter, James and John to the top of a mountain, I got to think about our (Bill, Craig and Greg) mountain top experience. and the significance of our goal, the months of training and planning and the expectation we had to reach this point in our life journeys.

I was recently asked I I had a "mountain top experience" that many who climb do?

I suppose the question differs with each person you ask about mountain climbing.

For me, I wasn't expecting a spiritual experience, and it wasn't. It was a climax of months preparation, like crossing the finish line of a long race. I was exhausted from the long assent and thrilled to see the sun rise over the glaciers and focused on getting some Kodak moments, which I certainly did. (My posting of the climb w/ pictures).

My brain was a bit scrambled probably because of the elevation at 19.340 ft. as well as the expectation of a long day decent to base camp then change and begin to climb down another 5,00 ft. some 12 hrs. total hiking. My legs were trashed. Remember in three days we were scheduled to run 26.2 miles 15,000' below us now. That thought alone was kind of scarry.

We reached Mweka camp, and as I wrote in my story, we settled down and were treated to a Kili Beer or two or..... A big sigh of relief and fellowship with some new friends who, just like us completed their summit. Recovery was sweet. We now were looking forward the next day of checking out of the park and packing up for a three day safari. Africa adventure #2.

This was a long time ago but even now many years later (17) the memory is still fresh.

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