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Pass the torch, part one

To begin with, I'm writing again after Heather has been encouraging me to continue with this journey of mine. I've been idle too long, but now I feel inspired. The wiring of this should be a continuation of "Brooks Running" Ch. 13, Organizing Rochester, My days as a Designer, Director and Certifier.

Those of you know that I can't say idle for long.

The summer went fast with many opportunities to share my book, radio interviews, and book signings etc. I currently am following closely my high school cross country team (which I once coached), cheering our graduating seniors (3 to states this weekend) as well as meeting and getting to know the parents of new and older runners (some fresh new talent coming to run. Some of the parents and coaches ran during the time I coached IHS. Our top female runner is a 3 time section 5 champion going to states.

The x-country year was a bust last year and this year the team finished solid third in section five in their division A. IHS currently has a wonderful and talented coaching staff.

You know.... I miss those days like crazy. Cross country is the best sport. I'm prejudice.

So let me set the stage for this story.

One of my good friends and local race directors, Bill Kehoe was dying and in huis last days. I went to hospice to visit him. It was so sad to see a vibrant and giant of a man reduced to skin and bones taking his last breaths (sound like another story I tell?)

He pulled me over to whisper in my ear saying "Greg keep my races alive."

Bill for many years has been a pillar in our running community. One of the new locals in running was to take his place in a few of our prominent races, Johnathan Griffiths. He is the owner of a new running store called The Running Company, as well as a timing and scoring business Robin Hood Racing he bought from Pail Richards timing.

Paul and I worked together for many years on the races I directed.

He retired, like many of us old timers..... passing the torch to the younger generation Johnathan!


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