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The Christian journey

It's Monday and I'm going to continue digging into endurance and the aspects of lessons learned from life relative to moving forward and not slowing and stopping.

Endurance root word is harden, to remain firm under strain, stress, hardship in adversity, suffering without yielding.

Hebrews 12:1 is a popular scripture used to describe the Christian walk/run and encourages us/believers to strip off anything that slows us or trips us up and we should patiently run the race God has set before us. This was a letter/encouragement to the Hebrew Christians who were under persecution from Jews and Romans, to stay strong in their beliefs and press on.

Perhaps you have been sidelined with disease or injury or job and family difficulties. Maybe the pandemic still has you reeling,

and you struggle keeping your faith strong. Life seems to often throw you a curveball and tries to trip you up.

There so are many things that get in the way of goals you have set. You realize that you can't quit and give up. You've got a race to run. You have paid the price to toe the line and have trained so hard. Been there done that. Hopefully I can give you some "coach" tips and understand you don't have to do this on your own strength. My verse this year is "The Joy of The Lord is my strength." I think I said the early in 2023.

Here are the chapter headings from the book, that I will dig into each a bit and relate experiences I have had and relative scriptures.











First, I will talk about Endurance.

What is required?

What can an endurance runner do without it? You better have it if you run.. duh! When you are faced with one of life's major storms and you wonder how will ever get over this, do you press on?

Can you train for it? Body, Mind and Spirit. You better! You know how mental running is. Attitude is very important, first! Long run training. I can' today, it's cold, it's raining, too hot to run. Long run today, get out the door and Just Do It! You know the routine. You will never make 26.2 with minimal training. On that weekly long run have you ever felt like quitting? Giving up? Have you ever felt persecuted for your beliefs. Come on you are training for an ultra? Have you ever done this before? 1Tim6:11, Rom 8:25, Rom 5:3,4 (good one), Rev 14:12

Encouragement: Pursue endurance, don't give in or look back, have faith God is right beside you and running that race with you right to the finish line, be prayed up! Don't fear the wall! I've found that extra gear when I ran over it and the finish is in view.

Below.... my first 1o K win "Save the River"

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