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The long and twisty road

Today I think about my running life and where it has taken me. Not just about running but life in general. Reading this you may think I'm putting running on a pedestal like a god or God. No way, Those of you who know me understand my story that having a relationship with God changed my life. Running has given me direction to be what I was created for, in the field of running, teaching, coaching, the field of health safety, or "building bridges".

As I now look back at where I've been, I can see clearly now that the road was laid long before I knew it was predestined. Writing this book has been a eye opener for me. I still have my running shoes on even though they are old and worn, but they are quite comfortable. I am still walking, even though with a cane, the walk of faith.

One day recently one of my former runners wrote something that warmed my heart.

She writes "Thank you for being one of the people that instilled the love for running in me. Running has changed and saved my life more than can be explained." Wow, made me cry.

Even if it is just one person who can say this, isn't that worth gold?

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