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Why would you run an Ultra marathon?

Most of you know I was a runner. I will be running in my dreams most nights. That is where I run now. I do enjoy finding and reading books or YouTube videos about ultra-running/racing.

Amazon has many "how to books" or books written by famous current or past champions and the up and coming ultra runners sharing their stories first experience running these new runs at distances over 26.2 to 100/200/500 mi. or multiday events around the world.

Now this sport has gained much popularity, such was the marathon running in the 70's with Jim Fix or Boston Billie Rodgers.

I'm not exactly sure what spurned the desire in me to run more than marathon miles. The Boston Marathon was always my runner goal after I started/racing in late 70's, completing my first marathon in '78. I started setting marathon goals and after couple of years running qualified for Boston with a sub 2:50 at Skylon marathon. Boston here I come and completed 20 Boston.

There were a few of my running buddies and marathon heroes in town who ran many, many (hundreds) of marathons and what interested me was that they were running these ultra-marathons.

Norm Frank was one such person. He was my first inspiration to think about such a feat.

After a few years of going to Boston, read a book (I liked reading) about training the body to complete 50 miles in one event.

After many years in my 20's addicted to smoking stuff (2 packs a day) and a happy hippy alcoholic. I got "saved" in the Jesus Movement, like that guy Frisbee in the movie.

My life then changed immediately changed. I found a new way of living; I found a new life divine... know that old song?

I cold turkey, quit my old habits, cut my long hair and was reborn, learning and enjoying my life and new Friend and Savior Jesus.

He was my new coach in life and took me on a new and different trail.

After cleaning up my act spiritually and mentally. I thought about restarting that old burned-out body which took many years of abuse. I started running. It was a slow go but it wasn't before I thought I might enter a five mile local road race in town, Irondequoit 5 mile. I did this on the 4th of July 1978 and ran a difficult course on a hot day in under 40 min. I was hooked. And became a running "addict" reading anything running I could Jim Fix, Ed Sheehan, Bill Rodgers.

If you've read my book, Brooks Running, Memoir 2021 available in Amazon,

Tomorrow, I'll write more and link in a book I'm currently reading regarding how I got from there to here. An Ultra story in a deferent dimension.

Picture below, my nephew couple years ago, ran the relay race in SC, 250 mile team relay. I was eager to see and meet some on this epic day at finish.

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